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Best Messengers To Download For Free Video Calling

IMO is an application for phones that offers free VoIP calls and messaging, close by various diverse components. It has made a honest to goodness reputation in various countries in Asia and the West as a WhatsApp elective. It has even overpowered applications like Skype to the extent the amount of customers enlisted and using it. 

There are at this moment around 200 million IMO customers. Like WhatsApp and Viber, it registers customers through their mobile phone numbers, and offers free messaging and all the associate components, and besides free voice calls between IMO App customers. 

It in like manner offers paid calls to versatile and landline customers. It is in like manner preparing a little relational association around its organization. IMO is furthermore much of the time used as a piece of countries where WhatsApp and Viber calls are restricted. 

IMO Messenger Plus Points

• Free calls between IMO application customers 

• Interesting summary of components. 

• Huge number of customers, along these lines extending the chances of making free calls. 

• Allows paid yet incredibly unassuming calls to landline and adaptable customers. 

• Integrates a casual association advantage. 

• Easy to set up and use, using mobile phone number for selection. 

• Versions for Windows PC and Mac also available, close by devices running iOS, Android and BlackBerry. 

IMO Video Call to enjoy its full features. IMO Apps makes a lot of fuss about it stickers and emoticons. There is a business open door for that, especially among the young ones. Along these lines, in case you are in that, you will like the tons and distinctive activities offered, consistently in light of manga characters. Some of them are on extraordinary. While a couple people genuinely like, I find them worthless. Coming back to all the all the more intriguing things... 

WhatsApp Guide For Users

You can share intelligent media records among IMO application customers. The archives you send can be recorded voice records, video reports and pictures. The voice and video reports you send may be recorded on the spot and sent. 

You can orchestrate gather messages with up to 100 people immediately. There are various techniques for including sidekicks, among which are the ordinary interest, also by shaking the phones close to each other. You can moreover share the QR codes. You can change IMO application into your own specific casual group. The Home part empowers you to put a course of occasions, to some degree like Facebook and Twitter, and empowers your sidekicks to comment. 

IMO APK differentiates decidedly and facilitate contenders WhatsApp and Viber. WhatsApp's only room over it is its popularity, with its right around a billion customers, and besides the end-to-end encryption it offers to ensure security.